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first time smoking lamb

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I ended up getting an awesome deal on some lamb shoulder chops at safeway. Also got an awesome deal on some pre-made caribbean jerk seasoning. So I stopped at the local hardware store and picked up a bag of alder wood chips and headed home. I dry rubbed the chops with seasoning, wrapped in plastic wrap and let sit for 5 hours in fridge. Got the smoker up to 215 and smoked the chops for about an hour(medium-medium well) and here is what I got...IMG_0224.jpg


They were juicy and tender and absolutely delicious!!! The jerk seasoning had a great flavor and a good amount of spice to compliment the slightly "gamey" flavor of the lamb.

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They look delicious!

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Looks yummy well done

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Those look great.  I love lamb.  You could post something like that every day for me.


Good luck and good smoking.

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