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UDS Chicken

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Well while messing with my uds, trying to get the temps right, i figured i would throw on some chicken breasts so the fuel was not wasted.  I must say i have been using a electric smoker, and wow what a difference.  It was the best BBQ chicken i have made.  You could of cut it with a fork, now I'm hooked!


chicken 1.jpg


Smoked some taters, i leave the aluminum foil open a little at the top to get in some smokey goodness.  I pierce a hole in each side of the potato, a little veggie oil in the foil, potato topped with butter, and Kosher salt, and to the smoke box it goes.






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Last but not least, a plate of goodness, lol



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Glad to see you using the monster

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As in the Door's song "Welcome to, to the Ugly Side" biggrin.gif So I switched a word. sausage.gif

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Looks delicious!

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Thanks everyone i appreciate the comments.  Now off to the next adventure, i found a pork shoulder at the store on sale for 1.99 a pound.  that's cheap considering the cost of pork here.

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Nice Qviewthumb1.gif



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