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New grill build

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I just finished the build on this grill/fireplace. The top swings out of the way plus it is easy to just lift off completely if you just want to use it as a fireplace.

Let Me know what you guys think. This one is 36" diameter with 9" tall wall.


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Looks like a nice job!  How does the fire breathe?  Is that slot along the bottom seam enough?

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Yes it is more then enough. I build one with double the height on the wall and it cooked great and had only 1/2" holes drilled in the bottom.

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I like the swing out grate.

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I love this! so simple yet it can be used as a dutch oven table too..Just swing out the grate and put your DO right inside on the coals and the swing out grate can be used as a place to sit the coal laden lid when you need to stir the pot or other utensils, maybe even your drink..  Seriously this is a good selling point and it will work beautifully that way.. I really like it, but when I seen your smoker, I was really impressed! Great work.. I tried posting pics of my new DO table, but not sure if I did it right and will wait for them to pass forum muster as Im a newbie.. Happy Smokin..  

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