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Fourth of July beef ribs - with lots of Qview

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So I got up on the 4th and figured it was time to munch on some bronto-bones. OK, in the spirit of openess, I took the ribs out on the 2nd and needed to get them smoked. I had a fight with the WSM for a few minutes to get it stable at 250 but she rode strong for 7 solid hours. Used a mix of hickory and Kingsford. And rubbed the ribs with my special rub. I'll post it later (once it's finalized to my liking.)


Ribs in the package

Beef ribs - packed.JPG


Pulling the membrane

Beef ribs - pulled.JPG


Seasoned and ready for that smokey goodness

Beef ribs - seasoned.JPG


On the WSM (an 18.5incher)

Beef ribs - on smoker.JPG


Three hours in

Beef ribs - Three hours in.JPG



Beef ribs - done.JPG


Money shot

Beef ribs - moneyshot.JPG

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Looks great!

Did you foil during the smoke?

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Thanks Raptor. No, I decided to go foil-less this time. Came out tender and moist.

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Man that looks great. I wish I could find real dinos my way. drool.gif

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Good looking ribs!

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It looks finger licking good 

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Looks Delicious!

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 Great looking ribs! Nice job.

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Nice pull back. I just did some & got very little pull back? Still tasted great?

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Looks delish to me.

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Mmmmmmmm I love beef ribs & yours look fabulous. Great job.

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Wow, looks great!!

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