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Inserting a thermometer vs injecting

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I've read some stuff here about not inserting a thermometer into the meat until after a few hours because you can bring bacteria from the outside to nestle in the middle and hit the danger zone.  What about injections?  I just haven't heard anybody say anything about that.


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Injections fall under the same rule of thumb.  If you inject, you want to make sure you are from 40 to 140 within the first four hours. That also includes counter time.  So if you inject, you should insert your thermometer at the start.  You are already working with "contaminated" meat anyway.

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Jared is correct either a needle or temp probe doesn't matter it's still punctured

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Thanks for the replies.  I hadn't seen it mentioned, and I thought they should be treated the same, as you've confirmed for me.

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Never poke a hole with a dirty tool. icon_biggrin.gif

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As hygiene is very necessary because it prevent bacteria to grow and I agreed what have said.

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The exception here would be if you are injecting with a cure.  Unless it is a cure, you are stuck with the 40-140 rule.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Good point Venture!

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