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Great Looking brisket

You must have one HAPPY Family if you cook like this!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Howdy Neighbor!


I just now found this thread, and those Briskets look AWESOME !!!


And the Qviews & BearViews are Great !!!


You did an outstanding job!


Thanks for sharing,


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$12.95 a pound! That is almost a $1 per ounce. But then, special is special. I sure have paid more for dinners that wouldn't compare to what you did. Remember, "The very Best is adequate."

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$12.95 /pound was the price of the prime steaks at Costco. I bought my prime packer briskets at a high-falutin' local butcher for $4.99 /pound. Still, it came to $110. for two briskets, and I'm used to paying about $1.99/pound for choice.


Good thing there's leftovers in the freezer. I hid them in the fridge as soon as I sliced them, or it would ALL be gone.

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Nice smoke!!

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Looks really nice, well doneLooks-Great.gif

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Just read through all the replies, and I'm blushing. Y'all say such nice stuff to a girl. Thanks...and it was delicious, too. Ribs are on the agenda next, for Friday maybe, and a new camera battery, too, so I can post pictures.  I've been reading here every morning for inspiration. Such good cooks!

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Damn! drool.gif I want a sandwich!!

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Great looking briskets Cinderella and nice camera work too.  I did a couple of packers of my own this past weekend along with some yardbirds and a boneless turkey roast.


Sure wish I could find prime briskets for $4.99 a pound. I got my choice briskets for $2.38 a pound that I found out Wal-mart of all places.

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Seems like there are quite a few PA people! New gathering in the future??? Beer.gif

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There DOES seem like there is a LOT of smoke around this part of the woods, doesn't it?  Bet we could round up a few folks at some point!

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Those briskets are inspirational!  Magical!


Ya know, State College IS in the middle of the state.  I can see it now....

Beautiful fall Saturday, all the smokingmeatsforum PA members gathered outside Beaver Stadium putting on a tailgate the likes having never been seen before.  Penn State Ohio State on the field....and not a person in the stands, but all gathered round the SMF tailgate, smoke from dozens of smokers drifting into and covering the stadium....


Okay, got to quit that or I might not come back to reality.


You had no idea how inspirational your post would be did you? icon_smile.gif

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What a great picture you painted! Keep thinking about after all, reality isn't all it's cracked up to be, lol.

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Nice smoke!

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