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Cinderella has met her Prince: Prime Brisket Q-View

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Finally did the two #10 USDA Prime packer briskets I posted about. Got a few pictures. Never tried posting pictures but here goes.


Followed the suggestions you all made to pull and wrap at 160°, then pull at 190°. I've usually pulled them later to wrap. Was curious about how the meat grade would affect the final product. I'm using a 6-year old Char Griller Outlaw with a side firebox (modified), and usually I burn wood, sometimes charcoal. Burned mostly ash, with some hickory chunks. I have to say, these were fabulous. They were easily cut into thin slices, but you could cut them with a fork, and juicy. Big beef taste.


I changed up a couple of things I usually do. Usually I use a pretty heavy rub, with LOTS of ingredients, been making it for years and everyone likes it, and usually use oak with mesquite. This year I decided at first to use a dalmation rub, since I wanted to taste the meat and not the smoked rub. Well, I couldn't resist adding some brown sugar, garlic and paprika to the salt and pepper. I also wanted to get it smoky, but still not hide the beefiness, so out with the oak and mesquite and in with ash and hickory.


Loaded them cold, fat side down and turned them after 3 hours. I have plenty of ash and oak to burn, from trees cut down in the neighborhood, and use chunks of the stronger flavoring woods.  I smoked for nearly 6 hours, at about 235°F average to an internal temp of 162°, and then wrapped the briskets in double foil with some apple juice and drippings from the water pan in the smoker. Back in at 230° or so until the thunderstorms started than ran like mad into the house and slapped them into the convection oven at 210°.  Oddly the larger one came to 190° before the slightly smaller one. Go figure. Total cooking time for two #10 Prime Briskets was about 11 hours, give or take.


These were the best briskets I've ever smoked. Period. Great balance of rub, smoke and beefy flavor.


Downside: I'll have to take out a mortgage if I want to do prime beef again next month. Sigh.


Am adding pictures here, don't know how it'll work since I've never tried Q-View...BrisketLoadedCold.jpgBrisketPulledWrap.jpgBrisketDoneJuicy.jpg

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Whooo hooo!!


 Looks fabulous!!



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Great Looking Brisket...That looks awesome...nice smoke ring!!! Thanks for sharing the Views!!drool.gif

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Looks Great...

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Looks and sounds awesome thumb1.gif

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Wunderbar, looks tender. drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks delicious! Nice job!

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Looks great th_sSig_goodjob1.gif

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Perfect, A job well done!!!!!

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Briskie looks awesome, wish I could eat through the screen. Great job...

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Fantastic looking brisket!  Worth a second mortgage I'm sure!

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Looks like a very successful smoke - congrats

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That's about a good a brisket as I've ever seen. Looks perfect. Great smoke ring. Great crusty bark and juicyyyyyyyyyyyy. Wouldn't even need a side just give me a pile of that.

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Originally Posted by Keymaster View Post

Perfect, A job well done!!!!!

This + drool.gif


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Great looking brisket, They don't get any better than that! sausage.gif

 Thanks for the Qview


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Very nice!!Looks-Great.gif

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wow...looks excellent....nice bark, beautiful smoke ring and juicy meat. Hear on the prime grade....saw a coupla prime rib eyes at costco....12.99 a pound, holy crap...

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drool.gifAll the things i look for in a woman....... oh wait wrong site hit.gif

haha looks excellent!!!!!

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Great looking brisket. Only 11 hours. I am smoking a 11 pound brisket right now on a UDS at 225-240. It has been 10 hours and I am only at IT of 157.

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Did you foil? I think that speeds things up a bit. I don't know if being Prime, the extra marbling of fat made them cook any faster, I wonder if internal fat carries heat any faster? Where's Alton Brown when you need him?


 hese finished up a bit faster than usual too, because I had to do the last 1.5 hours in the house in a 210° convection oven (equivalent to 235°) since I am unwilling to be struck by lightening for a couple of briskets, lol. I think the even heat in the oven changes things up a lot. According to my notebook from the last couple of seasons, my briskets in the 11 pound range have been taking about 12-1/2 hours or so to reach 190°.


You're in PA, too! Where's Uniontown? I think I can smell the smoke from here...

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