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Smoked Wings 1st try with Qview

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First time trying to smoke chicken wings... I used apple chips (not soaked).

I did brine them over night...


Racked them up and used a bit of Jeffs rib rub on them..


After 2 hours...


Cooked and out of the smoker at 3 hours...


Came out nice and tender, but decided to sauce them up with a little butter and Ott's sauce.




Good news and bad news:

Good news is they are nice and tender, skin was crispy, took right at 3 hours in my MES 40 nice easy smoke taste and could be great without sauce, the MES would get up to about 280 or 300 or so when put on 275. 

Bad news is they were/are pretty salty, Jeff's rub is not to blame I only used a little and as those who mix it up know it isn't really salt based. next time will be without a brine (and yes I did rinse and pat dry the wings before smoking them.

All and all a good learning smoke.


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Some people brine all their chix.  Others brine only whole birds.  Others do not brine at all.  I think it is something each person has to work out for themself.  Having said that, a proper brine will add some saltiness, so other ingredients have to be adjusted accordingly.


They sure do look good, though.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Those are good looking wings!!


Most folks only brine chicken parts for one and a half to two hours.


Here's what a lot of folks use. 



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I kinda like mine salty. Yours look delicious!

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It looks good th_sSig_woohoo2.gif

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They look good from here.

Thanks for sharingthumb1.gif

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Wings I don't brine, the salt factor is to much for me. 

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Just adjust the salt in the brine..

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