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One more rookie brisket question

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Hi - I'm smoking my first brisket, and I have one more rookie question for y'all. I cooked the brisket until the internal temp got to 165, then wrapped it in foil and stuck it back in. I think I'm supposed to keep cooking it in foil until the IT gets to 195. I just shove the cooking probe through the foil to find out the temp, or do I need to unwrap it to put in the probe? Seems like a pain to unwrap it...I'd rather just shove the probe through the foil. What's the best way?


Thanks again for your advice!


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Put the probe in by sticking it right through the foil. Are you slicing or pulling the finished brisket?

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I have no idea. I think I'd like to slice it, but really I just want it to be done before midnight. Either way would be fine with me! :)

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If slicing I take them to 190 and if pulling I take them to 205 to 210

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Thanks! Is there a rule of thumb for how long it takes for the IT to rise if the smoker is set for 228 degrees? Is it an hour per 10 degrees, or something like that?

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No set rule every piece of meat is different

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How'd it turn out?

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Any Qview?

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I'll try to take a pic this morning...I didn't take a pic last night because it was pretty late. It turned out pretty good, although not quite as tender as I would have liked. I think next time I'll try to cook it a little longer. The flavor was good, though, and it was a fun process. Thanks for all your help, folks!

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They only get better from here biggrin.gif

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