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The Classic 4th of July Compromise

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I've been DYING to smoke some ribs for the 4th, but my daughter reminded me that I've been PROMISING to make her chili for nearly two months, and that during that time I'd made baby backs (my son's request, and mine) TWICE.


Then of course, she did what most girls do, and she batted her eyes at merolleyes.gif


What's a father to do?  22 years old and a mother herself now, and that STILL gets to me.


But the ribs are ON SALE, I told myself, and it's the 4th of July, you've GOTTA smoke ribs, right??


Well, a promise is a promise.  So I bought the ribs on sale, then a bunch of ground chuck and all the chili fixings, and I made a huge vat of chili last nite, with leftovers sent home with everyone.   By the time the kitchen was cleaned up and the house was quiet, there I was, pulling the membranes off the back of the ribs, at 12:15am, and making my rub and rubbing 'em down.


The other part of my dilemma was that I was thinking "How hard do I want to WORK on the 4th of July?  We're scheduled to go to my other daughter's house, and we have a big ol' pool over there, and my son wanted me to hang out in the pool with him.  Maybe have a fashionable adult beverage or three.  Furthermore, my smoker is at MY house, and I'd have to pack it up in my car somehow, along with all my grilling and smoking stuff, etc., etc.  So I was leaning towards just making the chili yesterday, and then grilling some brats and burgers at my daughter's house today.


Well, last nite at midnight, it hit me:  rub 'em down tonite, marinate 'em in plastic wrap overnight, and then smoke 'em in the moring AT MY HOUSE for "3", and do the "2" and the "1" (I do .5) at my daughter's house this afternoon!  So while they're "2 in the oven" at her house today, I'll be in the pool, sipping a margarita and playing with my son.


PROBLEM SOLVED!!!  yahoo.gif




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Haha, you are definitely an addict. Sneaking off to the kitchen to get your fix so late at night! We all need to thank Jeff for putting together this fine "support group." Thankfully, everyone here supports our habits! Sounds like a great compromise that pleases everyone. Awesome work dad! Just remember, NONE of this happened unless there is Q-view! Happy 4th, enjoy the family, beer and of course, the Q!

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If I were you I would do the 3 & 2 before you let them cool down. Then refrigerate them & put them on the grill to finish them up in the afternoon. The reason I suggest this is because you may not get them through the danger zone in 3 hours. If you get them to at least 140 then cool them down & refrigerate then finish cooking later they will be safe. Good luck & have a Happy 4th.

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Great job with the planning. Make sure to let us know how it turns out!

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Sounds like a plan. icon14.gif

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