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Here's the review and photos:

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I just ordered one. I'll be firing it up as soon as it arrives.  Might go with ribs first and then move to brisket.  So many choices.

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Perry, just read your review and loved it. I have owned a La Caja China for a few years now and I also have the AMZNPS that I bought from Todd.

Looking forward to trying some new things with both and especially looking forward to your recipe updates like you mentioned!


Great thread! icon14.gif

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That amazing smoker sure gets around............

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I bought an A-MAZE-N smoke generator Because of what I read on several sources. I cannot get it to work no matter how i try, First in my La Caja China it burned to the end then went out. Tried it in my Master Built Electric smoker. It burned about 2 inches before it went out. In my reverse flow it would burn to the end then go out. Tried the pellets that came with it , apple sawdust, Mixture of both, first the sawdust on the bottom saw dust on top, then pellets on the bottom and saw dust on top. still won't stay burning. very disapointed with this.

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Kind of late but.....I think you need to get the moisture out of the dust or pellets by putting them in the microwave for a minute or so on high before you go to use them.

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Figured I would add an update. I've used the LA Caja and A Mazin smoker on a few local BBQ competitions and I won two of them and came in 3rd on another. Purists will scoff but in the right hands this is an awesome combination.
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I just ordered one of these this morning and was wondering if I could smoke in it. Does anyone know if I'll need to drill a hole for my maverick probe?
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