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First beef tenderloin

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Hi gang,


First off, Happy Independence day.  I hope you all eat well and don't lose any fingers to the fireworks!


I did my first beef tenderloin today.  It is amazing!  I marinated it in Dale's steak sauce and lots of minced garlic for about 48 hours.  I threw it in the smoker this morning and took it to 140 internal using apple wood. 


This thing is like cutting butter, and the flavor is incredible!  I may have a new favorite cut of beef.


Enjoy the pics and have a great holiday!





tenderloin 1.jpg



tenderloin 2.jpg

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  That looks awesome!  I can almost taste it.





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Looks absolutely delicious!

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Wow that looks great. Smoked tenderloin medium rare.  mmmm

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Looks Excellent ...i did one a few weeks ago and i have to agree...they are a taste treat!!! Thanks for sharing the turned out Fantastic!!!drool.gif

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Looks great! drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks like you hit it!


Good luck and good smoking.

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That looks amazing! Great job!



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Wow it looks yummy

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That does look good!!

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