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BBQ Pork/Char siu with Qview

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So i decided to make some BBQ'd pork which is my favorite snack with hot mustard and toasted sesame seeds. I started with a bone in pork shoulder and sliced it up into 2" X 6" cubes and marinated them in the sauce seen in the pics.





Then I let them air dry for a few hours until it got a glaze like when doing jerky or salmon and put them in the bradley smoker.




Gotta be careful cause that red dye stains everything jaw-dropping.gif




I smoked the bone for split pea soup and pictures of it all done









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Wow...Great idea and excellent results!!! Thanks for sharing the Q-View. Looks-Great.gif

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Looks great, I love that stuff. Just don't wear whites. icon14.gif

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Looks delicious!

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