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Chicken Roll Ups

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Today I decided would be a good day for chicken roll ups. 

First I flattened out the chicken a little bit. Then I put some good smoked ham in it And rolled them up. I used a good ham and it sliced so I could lay it out and roll it up with the chicken. Some of them I put a little cheese in. Then I rolled them up in bacon and put tooth picks in them to hold it. They had chicken breast on sale so what the heck.:)

SMOKIN 013.jpgSMOKIN 014.jpgSMOKIN 016.jpgSMOKIN 015.jpgSMOKIN 018.jpgSMOKIN 017.jpgSMOKIN 020.jpg

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Looking forward to the money shot! beercheer.gif

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Look great so far!

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It looks good

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Hmm. Might have to try that! They look great.

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You got to try them. They are awesome. I think I mentioned in the other post how great they looked cactus.

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lookn good friend ,, and yes the money shot

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Look great so far!

  Yep! popcorn.gif


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