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Pulled Pork Paloooza w/ Q-view

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Found some bone-in pork shoulders on sale for .99/lb., so I grabbed 4 and smoked 2 yesterday!  (2 hit the freezer for an event to be named later!)  These were all about 6 pounders.  Rubbed with salt, pepper and brown sugar.  Into the smoker they went at about 9:40am with some hickory for smoke...




Got a really nice stable temp going...




Foiled at 165* (one hit IT at about 8:30 pm, the other around 9:30pm).  Oddly enough, they both hit the 195* mark at the same time, though -- around 11:30 pm.  Ya just never know. th_dunno-1[1].gif  That's why it's done when it's done.  A total of about 14 hours.  Here they are all wrapped up for a snooze:




So now I have a decision: wait up for another hour to pull and then refrigerate, or get up really early to pull and refrigerate.  I decided to wait up.  These puppies fell apart perfectly, and the bones came out clean as a whistle.  Juicy and tender.  The aroma was driving the poor dog nuts even AFTER he got the bone out of the chuckie I finished smoking earlier in the evening!




Here is one of them all ready to go!  I have TWO of these pans in my fridge!!!  Saved the drippings, too:




I will skim the fat off tomorrow.  Couldn't resist a quick late night taste-test, don't ya know!!!




Great color, fantastic flavor -- couldn't me much happier unless my family would let me add more heat to the rub!  As it stands, I have to add it as a condiment rather than an ingredient.  Oh, well.  I cook to please family and friends before myself.  Much of this batch is for dinner tomorrow evening with friends and family.  Then: FIREWORKS!!!!


Thanks for looking!  Have a happy 4th!!!  usa.gif

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James those butts turned out Fantastic...your going to be eating pulled pork this week around the house!! Thanks for the Q-View and have a great 4th.drool.gif

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Yaaaaaaa!!  Looks delicious...From what I have read only 1 major stall so far today..


My 2 went like clock work too!!


Have a great weekend!!



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Great smoke, great looking pork.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Can never have enough pork around. drool.gif

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Awesome James, Looks Great...

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The PP looks delicious James!

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