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First Boneless Butt with Q-View

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As mentioned in an post a couple days ago, I picked up a couple boneless butts at Costco.  I am still new and learning and this forum is so helpful.  Anyway wanted some pulled pork this weekend so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Here goes,


The night before I rubbed down with Jeff's Rib Rub and wrapped in plastic wrap.


First Butt wrapped



After spending the night in the fridge and my fire settled in to 230*, I placed in smoker at 7 am.


First Butt overnight rub



Once the Internal Temp hit 165*, I pulled from smoker, wrapped in foil and placed in 240* over to finish.  At this point it was about 6.5 hours in the process.


First Butt 165 Temp



I pulled from the oven at 200* internal temp, wrapped once more with foil.  Placed a towel under and over in a cooler and let rest for nearly two hours.  When I pulled from cooler internal temp was still 190*+.


I used the finishing sauce that everyone posts about and the Country Fresh Slaw recipe also found here.  Piled all high on Whole Wheat bun with a little of Jeff's BBQ Sauce and it was really wonderful.  Sorry for no final pics, my Wife and Daughter wouldn't wait long enough for me to take photo.  Taking the left overs to my Parent's for lunch today.


One last note, although finishing in oven was convenient, had other things I needed to do, the temp swings in my oven were very inconsistent.  I think I will use the smoker from start to finish next time.


Thanks and I hope you all have a great 4th!!



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that looks and sounds like it came out great.

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That's great that your first time smoking butt came out so well. I'm sure there will be many more to come!

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Congrats on your first PB. Looks like it came out well 

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You know any left overs are to be offered up to the forum as samples right??? laugh1.gif


Good job.  After you make your first PP it will become a regular thing in your smoker.


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Great Job on your first butt!!!!  I finish mine in the oven if it is late. I love pulled... pork there is so many meals you can make with it. Try some pulled pork soft shelled fajitas they are awesome. Congrats on your successful first butt smoke it won;t be your last. drool.gif

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Gotta love it when a plan comes together. icon14.gif

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Thank you all for your kind words.  The family loved it, and leftovers at Mom and Dad's yesterday were a big hit.  So much so that I was volunteered to do pulled pork for our family reunion next month.  Feeding about 20.


Thanks again and have a great 4th!!!

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Looks great!  Aren't those CostCo pork butts great?  I have bags of is in the freezer for quick dinners.


Trust me, if your butts for the reunion come out anything like that one looks, you will be forever "volunteered" to cook in the future.

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I don't mind at all and I am glad everyone enjoys it gives me a reason to fire the smoker up.  I will need to do the reunion butts ahead of time.  The reunion will be about 75 miles away at a county park.  Any thoughts on reheating in a picnic setting?  I thought about doing a day or two before, then heating in steamer pans a couple hours before serving.  I also read where someone used sealer bags placed to store the PP, then placed bags in hot water to reheat.  Any suggestions are appreciated.



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That Butt has some great color,

Congrats on a smoke well done thumb1.gif

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