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Pulled Pork w/ Q View.

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Smoked 2 butts for the weekend.  Started on Friday night at 9 pm and they got pulled Saturday at 4:30 pm.  Over 19 hrs for two 6+ lb butts.  I didnt do any foiling, which was a first, and I like this way alot better.  Had a good bark on the outside..  Smoked on my MES40 using hickory chips.  I was pretty happy with the results.  Will be having Dutch's beans to go with this.. 





PP July 3.jpgPulled Pork july 2011.jpg

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Look's Great Mike... I think I will try that tonight... I have 2 8lbs Butts... I will throw in smoker tonight before bed and see how it goes....

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Looks good......

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looks very good, I need me  some pulled pork

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Looks really good Mike! Love that bark!

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Nice job on that BUTT...Great color and nice Bark!!!beercheer.gif

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Nice Job Mike...  Looks Great... 

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