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It is odd hearing/reading about places I have driven by and/or roads that I see on the news (traffic reports) on a daily basis.  It truly is a small world.

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That looks like an awesome butt!  I believe this is the only site where I can comfortably say that about another guys butt!  When I first started I struggled with butts for some reason and it looks like you nailed that one.  I hope it was tender and moist, then dunked in a good BBQ sauce and thrown on a plate or bun with some slaw.  Damn!  I just made myself hungry...  Good to have you here and if there is anything I can help with let me know.  There are some guys here that can smoke circles around me but I keep stealing bits and pieces of their knowledge.  This is by far the best place on the web to improve you smoking abilities and have fun at the same time.  Once again good to have you here. 



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And I love charts

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How'd you create the charts?

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That chart is a great illustration of the typical stall in temp, looks like around the 6-7 hr mark you actually lost a little temp. I find that can be so frustrating, Patience is a virtue especially in bbq.


Welcome aboard, be careful, this forum is almost as addicting as BBQ...


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I have not made a chart in a long time.  That one sure does look familiar, tho.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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very nice.....and that chart is impressive.......welcome1.gif

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Good to see a new PA local!  What did you use to graph your temps?

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I just logged the data in excel and made a chart.

Next I want to get some phidgets and actually log a couple differant data points, I want to see if I can log relative humidity also.


The dip in temp was when I pulled the butt out and double wrapped in foil.


But you can see the stall it hits right around 155*, pretty interesting to see. I waited until it started rising again to stop the smoke and wrap it up.


Thanks for the welcome everyone, Its Great to be here!

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