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Lang 36 questions

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I am considering buying a Lang 36, but I have a few questions.

1. Which metal, stainless steel or rolled? I am having trouble deciding. The stainless version is almost half the weight of the rolled and is less likely to rust as opposed to the rolled version that would seem to rust easily. The stainless would get hotter faster, but the website says the rolled holds temps better.

2. Can you use charcoal instead of wood? I was thinking of having a steel basket made to hold the charcoal in the firebox and just throw in a couple of pieces of wood for flavoring.

3. I live about 5 hours or so from Lang, but driving there isn't an option as this time. What are my options are far as shipping goes? At one time, Lang had a piggyback forum on their website, but I don't see it anymore.




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Congrats the Lang is a great smoker & on my wish list for sure. There is a lot of Lang owners on here & I'm sure one will be along shortly to answer your questions. 

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