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Whole NY Strip for 7/3 with Q-view

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I have an 11ish pound strip loin that I'm thinking of smoking tomorrow (Probably will only smoke 1/3rd of it as I'm only feeding 5 people).  I've done whole tenderloins, ribeyes, and standing rib roasts but never a strip. 


So, any reason to NOT smoke at 225 until 135ish IT?

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I wouldn't think twice about smoking it whole...130-135 will give you a moist ...medium rare taste treat. If the outside isn't as browned up as you like... a quick sear on a red hot grill will give you the color for a excellent presentation. Don't forget the q-views...beercheer.gif

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sounds great,ny strip is my fave steak!   q-view please!!

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I might pull it at 125, but we like 'em rare.

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I'll pre-order a 1 1/2 inch center cut of rare, (wounded and headed my way prefferably).. Go fo it, theres enough of us ion here to help to eliminate any possibility of leftovers..




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I can't think of a reason NOT to biggrin.gif

I'm looking forward to the Qview sausage.gif

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Well I cut it in half and prepped 1/2 of it with SPG, wrapped, and vacuum sealed. It will sit until tomorrow at which time it will be smoked over hickory (AMNPS) @ 225. I want the finishing temp to be about 130ish. Dinner is at 6pm so depending on how quickly it cooks I may pull it early (due to reheating on a grill).


The hunk I'll smoke is 5.5lbs. I'll also have one or two Cornish hens, mac-n-cheese, beans, and ABTs (can't smoke without throwing in ABTs!!!). I now have to feed 9 people (7 adults with only 6 of them eating beef) so I think we'll have enough food. I am a bit concerned with having enough beef but we'll make due. Oh, I'm also toying with smoking some potatoes and turning them into mashed potatoes. I love smoked "baked" potatoes but I have never made them into mashed.


Below are pictures of my dinner (I took a steak out of the center) and the 1/2 that I will be smoking tomorrow. Sorry but no pictures of the whole loin as I didn't think about taking pictures until after it was seasoned.
















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Nice, did you save me a piece...

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Perfect! drool.gif

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Another A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Success Story?!?!?!?


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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No, no story yet; I haven't smoked it yet.  That steak (dinner) was cooked inside on cast iron.


However, I have used your little gem for my first beer-butt chicken last week.  It was the first time cooking for my future in-laws (it was only my father in law) and let me tell you, I LOVE your new contraption.  I didn't feel that it was letting off enough smoke with just one end lit so I lit both ends and it was perfect!  I can't wait to use it again tomorrow!!!!!

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so your asking advice to smoke it but you cast iron it?  what are you looking for?\


lets see some pictures of the smoke!

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Originally Posted by miamirick View Post

so your asking advice to smoke it but you cast iron it?  what are you looking for?\


lets see some pictures of the smoke!

No, not asking advice to smoke it but rather if anybody had objections to it (some people can't stand to see others smoke a whole tenderloin so I was wondering if people felt that way about an entire strip), out of curiosity.  I cooked a steak on cast iron not the entire loin (I needed dinner and had an 11lb loin so why not take 1.5" out of the center for dinner).  The loin (1/2 of it) will be smoked tomorrow (hence the 7/3 in the title and the wording in the post with the pictures).

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well bring on the qview!


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Patience my southern friend, patience.  My dinner got bumped up to 5pm now so it will come a bit earlier!

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Sorry, I jumped the gun!

Start 2 ends???

It starts out slow, but light more pellets, then it burns more surface area to smoke.



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yeah, I had issues lighting it at first.  I didn't let it burn long enough I think.  I then re-lit it and got a bit more smoke but got impatient so I lit both ends.  It was on a butt and let me tell you, that was the absolute best butt I've ever had.  I couldn't get over the amazing smoke flavor.  It was very powerful yet extremely clean.  I'm not sure I have ever had some a pronounced yet pleasant smoke taste in ANY BBQ from anywhere (and I travel at least 50% and try BBQ all over the country).

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That steak looks absolutely delicious!

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Thanks Al!  It was one of the best steaks I've ever had...probably top 5 (which includes several high-end steak houses in the midwest).


I am afraid of this loin.  I wanted to pull it early and serve it medium-rare but my brother wants it to be more like a brisket.  2 hours from dinner and it is at 136 so I am afraid it will just be a well done steak/roast.  I am planning on putting it in a pan with some beer and trying to braise it for 1-1.5 hours at 350-400 to get it tender and try to bring the temp up as high as I can get.  Otherwise I just let to coast to the finish line and have it be 145-150.  I am not sure which is the better of the two evils.



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Well it was a big hit.  I pulled the loin @165 and wrapped with some beer and put it in a 400 degree oven until 180.  At that time it was 4:40 so I took it out to let it rest for 30 minutes before being sliced.  This was a HUGE hit but it wasn't quite what I had wanted to do.  I think I will smoke the other half and let it rest to 125ish.  Sorry but I don't have any sliced pictures.  I took the food to my parents' house and forgot my camera.  Two kinds of beans.  1 spicy and 1 not (my oldest niece is a sissy when it comes to heat).















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