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Smoke time for 2 shoulders

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Having a group of people over for the 4th and I'm smoking 2 pork shoulders.  They total 14+ lbs, so about 7 lbs a piece.  This may be a stupid question and I think I know the answer, but should I plan on the smoking time being the same as smoking one 7 lbs shoulder or based on the total 14 lbs?  I'm thinking 7-11 hours, not 14-21 hours.  Right?

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Yes it's the same as 1 - 7 lb. butt. You should figure about 2 hours per pound for each piece. That would include the rest period. So you would be looking at 14 hours. If you foil them at 165 it will take less time, but you won't have as much bark. If they get done early they will stay hot in a dry cooler wrapped in foil & towels for 6-8 hours. Good luck & don't forget the Q-view.

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Thanks.  That was one of those questions that as I was typing it, I realized the answer.  I foiled last time, but am not going to this time. The bark is my favorite part.  We're planning on eating around 3 or 4 tomorrow, so I'm actually going to throw it on tonight around 8 or 9.  I'd rather it get done early than late.  

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It's 4:44 am and I'm sitting at 149 degrees for one of the shoulders.  The other is pretty close (only checked it twice since I only have 1 remote and it's always been right at the same as my remote).  I set my alarm for every hour or so, thinking I could take some cat naps through the night, but haven't been able to sleep a wink yet.  Last time I peeked, I almost ripped a hunk off and ate it cause it looked so good.  There will be some Q-view in the morning.

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Sounds good so far OK go and catch  imagesCARKHKW9.jpg  see you and the Qview later don't take to long  



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Don't fall asleep now!

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I caught about an hour and a half nap at 9:30.  I'm on the home stretch right now.  Sitting at 180, but my fire is staying closer to 200 than 225.  I've got so much ash in my firebox, I think it's keeping my charcoal from burning hot enough.  

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Yeah... ash build up will get you. Since you mentioned firebox I assume you have a horizontal offset smoker? If so make a charcoal basket that either hangs or is elevated with some feet to get it approx. 4-6" off the bottom of the firebox. Then every so often gently stir your charcoal  to knock the ash down out of the fire.

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There's a grate in the bottom of the firebox, but it's started sagging.  I'm going to look for a better quality one.  Plus this is my longest smoke yet, so there's a lot more ash.  I'm getting a metal bucket today so next time I can scrape out some of the ash during the smoke.

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Hang in there!

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Temp hit 196 while I was mowing the viewing and launching spot for fireworks tonight in the back field.  Pulled them off and popped em in a cooler with towels.  We'll be eating in about 3 hours.  Will grab some Q-view when I take it out to pull.  Thanks for everyone's support through the night.

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Looking forward to the money shot. icon14.gif

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