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The grand experiment!

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I'm smoking a 9.6 butt as I type this. It's not going to be served until noon Monday! I'm thinking outside the box by smoking it on the Weber for 8 hrs and then I'm going to foil it and keep it in a 170° oven unt
il Monday. I'll add some apple juice to keep it moist. Based on past experience, the butt will probably only be about 160° or so. Tomorrow I'm going to smoke a 7 lb butt and pull from the Weber after 6 hrs, foil it and add it to the oven. Monday morning I'll open the foil and crank up the heat to around 200 until they are pullable. I'll report back on this 48 hr smoking experiment. One drawback is thar the oven times out after about 12 hours, so I'm going to have to turn it off and back on a few times between now and Monday. I have a pic but I'm going to have to upload it to my photo site first.
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Why didn't you smoke them both on Sunday?

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Because I work tonight and tomorrow night and can only smoke one butt at a time in my 22" Weber. Its a time management issue. PS, not having any success in uploading to my photo storage area. I guess the uploader doesn't like Android! Wish I could upload directly to the forum
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I guess you must mean you have a Weber kettle. I have a 22" WSM & can fit 8 butts in it at one time. It sounds like you have the time frame figured out. Let us know how it works out.

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Kettle is correct. Looks like I can't post a photo because I only have a smartphone for internet access...
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I ended up not having to work last night so I smoked the 7.6 lb butt last night. Smoked it for 6 hrs on the Weber, foiled it and put it next to the other butt in the 170° oven overnight. This morning, I went to 180. When I get home from work tonight, I'll raise it to 190 and let them percolate overnight. Then, in the morning, I'll raise it to 205 and check the bones every 30 minutes. That should give them plenty of time to get to 200 without overcooking. I've been taking pics so I hope that my buddy has a USB port and internet access so I can do a post-mortem Q-view.
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Hope so too. Keep it coming!

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