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First brisket on tonight w/Q-view

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I bought a 8.5 lb flat at Sam's today and it's in the smoker now. It went in about 11:30.


I went to get it yesterday, but they were sold out. The butcher told me the truck was coming in last night and they would have some in today. So, no rub/wrap/rest overnight in the fridge.


I found a new rub from Grill Mates called Cowboy Rub in the store tonight. It's an eclectic blend of peppers, coffee, chocolate, etc... so I thought I would give it a try. Should be interesting.


The MES is set at 220, the AMNS is loaded with hickory.


I put a drip pan below the brisket to catch the juices, and have a can of beef broth and a quartered vidalia onion in there.


The brisket:



The rub:



The brisket coated with EVOO and rub:



Broth and vidalias:



In the pan:



The plan is to smoke it overnight, get up early and insert probe, foil with apple juice at 170, take to 195, then rest in a towel filled cooler for about 2 hours.


This is my first brisket, so if it's dry I will have some pan juices to moisten it with.


I also broke down and bought this:



I will also be doing my first ABT's tomorrow.


Thanks for looking...more to come.

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Great start icon14.gif

Looks like a good dinner tomorrow.

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Looks like a great start!  I assume you meant 11:30 PM EDT.  Otherwise, you won't be smoking that all night.  439.gif  Using the foiling method, it will not dry out, guaranteed.  Love the Vidalia's!!!!  ABT's to kick things off -- man you're gonna have a great 4th!!! usa.gif  We'll be waiting for the final results....



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Lookin good Daddy!
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Looks good so far!

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At 7:30 this morning I opened the MES to put the temp probe into the brisket. She's at 165 after 8 hours.


Here's a look:



My beef broth is gone! I'll see what juices I can salvage when I foil.


This overnight cooking is the way to go! I finally called it a night about 1 AM and the smoke from the AMNS was doing nicely. I'm liking this thing more and more each time that I use it!


Stay tuned...

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It took 2.5 hours to go from 165 to 170. Here's a shot of the brisket in the foil:



Spritzed thoroughly with apple juice, double wrapped in foil, and back into the smoker.


When I pulled the probe out of the meat, juices gushed out of the brisket. drool.gif


It took 10.5 hours to get it to 170 at 220.


I'm taking it to 195 and then putting into the cooler to rest for a couple of hours before slicing.

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Looks excellent so far! Great color!

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Voldaddy those look super, Great color! gonna stay tuned for the finale.

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2:45 and it hit the magical 195 mark.


I pulled and put it in the cooler filled with towels. 


I loaded some chips in the MES and as soon as the TBS starts then I'm throwing the ABT's in for 2 hours.


I will have the final sliced pics shortly.


Recap...8.5 lb flat smoked at 220, took a little over 15 hours total.


Put in at 11:30PM, at 7:30AM was at 165, took 2.5 more hours to get to 170.


Foiled around 10AM at 170 and it took another 4 hours and 45 minutes to get to 195.


Hope it tastes good!

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ABT's with cream cheese, garlic powder, little smokey, and bacon:



Toppped with bacon:



AND...what's a 4th of July weekend without pulled pork??? Here's two 8 lb butts rubbed and getting ready to go into the smoker about midnight:


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The brisket is INCREDIBLE. It's very juicy and moist, and the rub that I used gave it a great flavor.


I was bias slicing against the grain and it fell apart towards the end, so I pulled it.


My mouth is currently on fire from the ABT...


Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the results of my first brisket.


Thanks for watching, time to eat.






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Totally Awesome Voldaddy... Nice Job...

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Very Well done!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Touche`  Well done, looks amazing.



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Very nice - sounds like a perfect weekend at your place!

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WOW everything looks delicious!

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I never thought of putting little sausages in the ABT...NICE!

All looks fantastic..Great Job!


Happy fourth of July to you and yours...James 77.gif



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Hi guys new here. So, Daddy please do not take this the wrong way. This is a dumb newbie question and not to be taken as being critical of your brisket. Looks great on the outside and I wish mine looks like that. But I am used to seeing a pink ring around the outside edges going from say 1/8 to 1/4" deep. I dont see that on your brisket, and wonder why that is. Please I am trying to learn how you masters do it.



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I'm pretty sure I can answer that one, Max-Paul.  At the very top of this thread, you'll note that Voldaddy said he was using an MES (Masterbuilt Electric Smoker).  As I understand it, electric smokers don't produce anywhere near the pronounced smoke ring you describe.  Wood burners and charcoal produce the most, propane (which is what I use) a good bit less, and electric smokers are less than that.

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