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Smoking some Bird

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Started vacation today.

Decided to kick it off with a couple of smoked beer can chickens and some drums.  One bird is coated with Penzey's Cajun spice, the other is my own combo of a local poultry rub plus curry powder and chinese five spice.  Most of the drums have store bought bbq rub on them.   Also have some potatoes and carrots sliced up in foil down by the coals with a hit of Zatarain's and some butter.  Threw some hickory down on the coals and have a light smoke going with temp nicely sitting around 225.


Just on:

vacation 1.jpg

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Wooo Hoooooo!  Great way to start your vacation!  Don't forget the money shot!

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I love that drumstick holder! Can't wait to see the finale!

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Livin on the island has sure isolated me - never seen the drummy holder before.  Enjoy the weekend and the smokes!!!

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IT looks good i will Wait to see the bear view

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