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Beer can chicken: Smoked or grilled?

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Doing a couple of beer can chickens tomorrow and I'm debating on doing them in the MES 40, or on the Brinkmann SNP. I'm leaning towards the MES because I have a wider variety of wood to smoke with, and if I want to cook on the SNP, I may beed to take out the upper rack. Thoughts?

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Hmmm, being basically lazy I'd go with whatever was easier. For only a 'coupla' chickens (2?) I'd go with the MES. If you're talking like 6 chickens I'd go with the bigger unit. Just my 2 cents...

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smoke em if you got em....



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MES gets my vote too.

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You should brine them and then toss em both on the MES for a couple hours.  This is what I do and then since the MES doesn't get hot enough to give me cripsy skin, I toss them on the grill to crisp them up.  This process turns out some amazingly juicy/tasty chicken with a flavorful cripsy skin.

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MES all the way

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If you are going to do them on the smoker is there any reason to sodomize the chicken with a beer can?  Can you not just fill up the water pan with some beer?  Remember I am allowed one stupid question a day.

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Sorry to be thew odd man out, but I like my Beer Can Chicken Grilled, not smoked.



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd you've got to try this. You will never grill another chicken.




Smoke chicken at 225 until thigh or leg is 175. Take skin off, put aside. Pull meat from bones, just like PP. Fry some bacon in a pan until crispy. Put on paper towels. Take chicken skin, chop into small pieces & fry in bacon grease until crispy. Put on paper towel to dry. Chop bacon into small pieces and combine with skin. Toss all together with chicken. This way you get the smoky flavor of the skin & it's crispy. The chicken is very moist because it was smoked at a lower temp. I know it doesn't sound too healthy, just don't eat it every night.



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I like what you posted - I have been thinking of various cooks once I get my smoker finished in a few weeks - this is a definite probability LOL


Thanks man



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I'm under the impression chicken doesn't benefit from low and slow cooking. Use indirect heat and put some chucks on it. Mine turn out great. Brine!

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