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Pulled Pork for this weekend

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I am a new member and this is my first post.  I recently purchased a side fire box smoker and smoked a beer butt chicken the day after I got it.  The chicken turned out great.  Last week I smoked a pork butt following the directions on the pork sticky exactly and the pork was the best I have ever made.  Smoking the pork butt was a trial run for a party I am having this Sunday. 


I plan on smoking another butt this weekend and I would like to do it on Saturday.  How should I store and re-heat the pork?  Also since I will be serving this at a party where people will be grazing all evening long what method should I use to keep it warm?  I have slow cookers but I don't want to dry the pork out.  Am I making a mistake cooking it the day before, I am just trying to keep from stressing myself out cooking prior to the arrival of my friends.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.










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You can cook the day before -- or days before, for that matter.  We sometimes shred then freeze ours and reheat it later using one of several different methods:


  1. Boiling H2O: FoodSaver vacuum sealed bags are great because you can drop the food -- bag and all -- into boiling water to reheat.
  2. Oven: place the  PP in a baking dish, splash a little apple or pineapple juice on the meat and cover with foil.  Place in 200-225* oven until warm.
  3. Crock Pot or cast iron Dutch Oven: again, just add a little fruit juice to keep moist.
  4. Microwave


If you have a crock pot or a dutch oven, you can count on things staying warm without drying out as long as you have the lid on.  A warming tray with an oven dish or foil pan covered will also be OK.


Have a great smoke & party!  And welcome to the SMF!!!!  Please check in at Roll Call so we can give you a proper "howdy!"

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Once again James has the answers. I might add when you reheat the PP, toss it with finishing sauce. The most popular one is SoFlaQ'uers. Just use the search to get the recipe. Good luck!

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Good advice.


I usually use steamer pans (chauffing pans) , for PP and ribs, sorry I don't have a pic of the steamer pans in action.




The steamer pans can be filled with ice to serve cold stuff like potato salad.







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Forgot  to add

You can get the cheaper wire ones at Sams, Wal mart and the party store with disposable foil pans

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Thanks for all the great feedback guys. I feel a lot better about smoking the butt a day in advance.   


SQWIB, those pics you posted were great and thanks for taking the time to do that.  I went to Sams today and bought one of the wire rack set ups.



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