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Salmon/Tuna Question

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OK so I have some salmon and tuna in a marinade/brine mix in the fridge.  I am planning on pulling them out of the mix tomorrow morning and letting them dry on some racks and news paper.  After they air dry, I was planning on throwing them back in the fridge for a few hours because i have plans.  Is that ok?  I know i cant leave them out for like 4 hours cause they would get too warm, but is throwing them back into fridge bad? 

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Assuming they were fresh to begin with you should be fine.  The brine (if done properly) will have knocked out any food borne trouble makers.  The only ones you would have to worry about after the brine would be those on the surface of the fish.  I would cover them and refrigerate for those few hours.

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well the plan is to take em out, pat them dry, put em on racks for about an hour, then back into the fridge for a few hours while i go out and then smoke it up.  While on the racks i plan on covering em with paper towels.  

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Sounds good.
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Why not just dry them in the fridge? Put them on a cooling rack with paper towels under the rack to catch any drippings.

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Al is right you can dry it in the fridge for 36 hours .all depends on your brine if it had enough salt and sugar.

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