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Brinkmann Questions

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I was lucky enough to receive a Brinkmann charcoal smoker for Father's day, and after putting it together I decided to get the electric conversion kit for it. Now I have questions.


The kit came with a very small round pan for wood chips, the instructions indicate to place the pan and chips directly on the heating element.


With the water pan in place there is very very little room for the "chip pan". almost none.


Do I have it put togther correctly? Do I need to use the water pan with the electric element?


Also, I have read articles that mention lava rock around the element, or sand in the place of water in the pan, is this a good idea?


Could I put ceramic briquets in the water pan? How bout some wood chips in the water pan with the lava rock or briquets?


I probably sound pretty naive about this whole thing, but at this point I have more questions than answers.


Any help will be appreciated.





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I can't help you. Hoping someone will be along shortly who can.

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