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First Time Fatty - PIzza Fatty

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So after reading all of the different ways people make fatties, I decided to try my hand at one of these little gems.  I decided on making a pizza fatty to start out with.  The ingredients were pretty simple:  pepperoni, mozzerela, diced jalapenos, basil.


First Step - flattening out the sausage in a ziplock bag.


Picture 231.jpg




Picture 233.jpg


Added the pepperoni and basil


Picture 234.jpg


Added the pizza sauce and jalapenos


Picture 235.jpg


Added the cheese


Picture 236.jpg


All Rolled Up


Picture 237.jpg


Bacon Weave


Picture 238.jpg


Ready to go on the Grill


Picture 239.jpg


A few after pics


Picture 240.jpg


Picture 241.jpg


Lessons Learned


Rolling the Fatty is harder than I thought.  You definitely need to use the wax paper as a guide to get it to roll nice.

Needed more pizza sauce.  Couldn't really taste it very much.

Find a better way to seal the ends.  I thought a lot of the cheese melted out of the ends (could be where the sauce went too)



All in all it was a great success and I am ready to try my hand at another.



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Your fattie looks good from here icon14.gif


Try cutting the side of the ziplock to help roll the fattie. Then when your all rolled up & in the saran wrap. Twist the ends of the saran & ROLL the fattie on the counter. This will seal up those ends for you & give you that more uniform look!

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Look great! Nice job for a first time.
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BUnityBears- Next time, don't place your toppings all the way out to the edges. Leave about a 1/2-3/4 inch boarder along the two sides and across the top and roll the fattie from the bottom to the top. When you seal up the sides and the seam down the length of the fattie, you'll be sealing sausage meat to sausage meat and will get better seal.

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Beautiful! A work of art for your first try!

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