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Deal on Hickory Chunks

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I got a great deal on Hickory chunks last week, and shipment arrived yesterday. Not sure if it's that great of a deal for Americans, but it cost me 32$ for 30 pounds, including delivery, customs & taxes. Best price I was able to get so far was 29$ (Shipped) for 12 pounds. Here's a link if you're interested.

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Sounds like a good deal!! icon14.gif

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To have it shipped to Canada with all the dis and dat it sound like a great deal to me. 

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This is a pretty good deal. Seems to be a flat rate shipping of 8.99 however many bags you buy. Obviously the more you buy to offset shipping charges the better the deal becomes. Same wood chunks are going for double the price before shipping everywhere else.


Thanks for the heads up

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Thanks I use a lot of hickory.

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