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I am new to smoking, I have always used  a Weber charcoal grill with very good results.  However, I bought a MES from Sam's to try this approach.  I have used it twice, once to do some ribs and they were very good.  But my attempt at salmon was less than exceptional.  I used an overnight brine and a brown sugar syrup after the brine.  The taste was acceptable but very dry.  I tried a 195 temp but could not get it to smoke at that temp.  I moved the temp up to 220 and it smoked well at that temp and I reduced the time to 3 hours but I think that was too long. Any suggestion you may have on temperature and length of time would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you overcooked the salmon. Use a temp probe the next time & pull it out of the smoker when the IT reaches 140. Salmon will only take an hour or so to cook. When the juices turn a milky color they are done.

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