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Hello guys and gals

 Again i am in a deal-emma

I have read and researched and ...........

 Bottom line i have been offered a used (once)

 Centro smoker for 50.00 bucks is it worth the

potential  probs to acquire this piece

 are there places to buy parts eg:elements

in North America


The other side of the deal-emma is a big chief NEW

 for the same 50.00


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The Centro looks identical to the MES. It's a very popular smoker on this site. For 50.00$, I'd jump on it right away. It would look cool next to my WSM. Also check out the AMNS as an addon for it.

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There you go!

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well fer better or worse i bought it

tested it yesterday set to 235 f.

 timer 2 hours

it maintained 235f. within the advertised + or - 10 f.

opened the door and cooled it down

within 10seconds it started heating again

and maintained that temp.till it shut down on the timer

 next week we do it with ribs

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You're gonna love it, especially come winter! These are very well insulated and make cold weather smoking a breeze!  I've used mine at -30c and the only bad part is running out to check on it / add chips but that is not going to be a problem this winter as I now have an AMNS and just ordered an AMNPS.

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