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Variation of Dave Omak's Party Snackies

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Was inspired to do something similar to Dave's smoked summer sausage favors for his poker night crowd.  Cash and Carry had some packages of sliced pork roll and of course, I just had to try something with them.  I used the same technique Dave did, that is:  smoked at 225 with apple smoke applied (from a AMNPS) for 45 minutes.  I found out from Dave he did this to render the fat out of the summer sausage.  It came OK.  The slices crisped up nicely as you can see in the picture.  If they hadn't be sandwiched between two cooling racks, they'd have been curly chips.  The top rows show un-smoked pork roll and the bottom rows are the chips.  They are crisp.  I have visions of these being able to be dipped into a melted cheese fondue (for those who still have a fondue).  I think next time I'll smoke them at 200 degrees or perhaps 180 degrees to better control the amount of crispiness.  This sessions  break up rather easily.


Anyway, it's a good idea for snackies while you're smoking and the crowds keep getting more hostile because of hunger pangs.


Pork Roll Chips.JPG


Might consider adding a light application of a favorite rub just to spice up the chips, if you like.


Thanks for viewing this journey.  It's been a busy couple of days.  Other threads to post.



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I like the cheese fondue idea sausage.gif

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I am so old I might have a fondue pot somewhere?  Not sure?


but that meat don't look half bad.


Good luck and good smoking.

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They sure look good from here!

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They Look Great...

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