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Teenage daughter

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My daughter just walked into the living room and said, "Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewelry to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then disown me and never talk to me again. Oh, yeah, and don't forget to write me out of your Will and leave my share to my brother."

Well, she didn't actually put it like that... she actually said... "Dad, this is my new boyfriend, Mohammed."
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DAM YOU!!   I just spit coffee on my keyboard and had to take 20 minutes to clean-dry-and assure myself that its ok..


Goood one!!!!



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Too funny!

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LOL.... god that was funny.... now the rest of the folks at work are wondering what the hell I'm laughing at!

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lolz ROTF.gif

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I second the DAMN YOU, I have two daughter's, plus cleaning the keyboard thing, plus you know what happens when you swallow something like coffee while you are also trying to breath. biggrin.gif  Finally able to type again.roflmao.gif

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ROTF.gif X3

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Now thats funny

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We all hope it's funny!?icon_eek.gif

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