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Originally Posted by New 2 Da Que View Post

Hey, I'm intrigued by the fuel you're using!  Is that split chunks of hickory or mesquite?  I have only found small wood chips and they burn awfully fast(notice the ash pile on the charcoal).  I may look into some bigger chunks for more smoke.  Is there any truth to "too much smoke" and giving the meat an "off" flavor?


Thanks for the post!


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Would you be so kind as to answer new 2 da que. I would also like to hear the story behind what those chunks of wood are? Being one of the newbies. Seems that recipes and rubs are talked about. But right now me and a few others just dont have the mechanics of the smoker and the fire figured out yet.


Thanks for your help.




Oldschoolbbq appears to be using wood only in the picture.

He is using the wood as Fuel and smoke.

By the looks of the box "priority mail" it appears he ordered the wood chunks on line.

It could be cherry but not sure, hopefully he will chime in soon

There are quite a few places on line to order chunks, I have also seen them in Home Depot.


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Man that looks good.. great job..

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I can't get my temp over 200 unless the wood catches on fire which is does, even though I soak it first.  This makes the smoke taste too strong. I have an upright smoker and have been using charcoal and then add some chunks. I also used charcoal and then added chips which make lots of smoke but couldn't get temp over 200. What am i doing wrong?

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Yes there is truth to too much smoke, I never believed so until I had someone else's Q. The wood in old schools post is wood chunks. Primarily hunks are used to add smoke to charcoal or briquette fires. I think what old school has been trying to demonstrate for people that don't have a dedicated stick (wood) burner is that it is quite pausible to burn wood chunks as fuel instead of charcoal.
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Also your meat looks excellent, great job.
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