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It is monday afternoon and it has been over 24 hrs without tasting meat and smoke.

OMG I used up all the yard bird at the Ham radio Field Day this weekend. What am i going to do???? Think D^*#N it think. I know.

Fancy 003.jpg


Naaaw   The wife would not tolerate. She is so rigid about some things.  Now what??  CW 006.jpg


Naaaw he is my best friend. Sorry for thinking about Charley.  Now what?

Got it.

Desperation BBQ 008.jpg


Darn it now he is going to be mad. Now what. Wait a minute. What is that in the back of the fridge?  1 pkg of sliced deli precooked roast beef. Bingo. My what a pretty green spot that is on the meat.. Must be a new sales gimmic like green ketchup. Oh well i Just need Grill and wood chips plus some spuds.

Now were on a roll .


Desperation BBQ 002.jpg


Desperation BBQ 004.jpg


AAAAHHH The shakes are going away.

Another day another BBQ

Wait a minute Tomorow what am i going to do tomorrow.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wait a minute.

Sorry Charley.



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Now That Was Funny!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great post!



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Feed a man smoked meat and feed him for a day...teach a man to smoke meat and the endangered species list will grow overnight.



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