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WOW this is going to be great lookn good Moose

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thanks guys! Well I am back in town, and have been meaning to upload some pics, but I keep forgetting to grab the memory chip from my camera.

I promise to upload some tonight during my break at work though, but here's a teaser shot of the dough monster on its way to the Dutch Oven:


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Looks great Moose. Love the bread and cheeses. Nice.

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If you get some time would you please wright up how to make the bread, please  77.gif

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Looks great Moose. Love the bread and cheeses. Nice.

Me too!

there's nothing like rustic bread, funky cheese, and dark beer!


Originally Posted by wildflower View Post

If you get some time would you please wright up how to make the bread, please  77.gif

It's based on the basic ratio of bread:

3 parts flour to 1 part liquid.


In this case, I used 1.5 cups boiling water and 1.5 cups cold tap water, added a handful of the flour to the cold tap, and mixed that in before the hot water so it wouldn't clot. I also added about 2T of brown sugar to this, and then added 3T of yeast once the two waters were mixed, and at the right temp. (a little over 100 degrees is typical. I'm sure this was close to 110.)

I put this in the fridge overnight for flavor.


The next day, I beat in three eggs, and 1/2 C or dark Molasses. In the food processor, I pulverized 1C of fridge-temp butter into 4C flour with 1T salt and 2t dry yeast. This makes the final texture more tender and airy than regular bread, almost like a brioche.

I mixed this into the slurry, and added about 3 cups of oat flour, 1.5-ish cups of dark rye flour, and 1.5-ish cups of buckwheat flour.

Once it was ready, I turned it out on the counter with equal parts AP flour and oat flour, and kneaded it until it was elastic, and let it counter-top proof for a few hours.

Once it was baking day, I separated this into thirds, returned two-thirds to the fridge, and let the other bench proof as a ball during the day, I threw a handful of crunched-up tortilla chips in the bottom of my DO, added the bread, and baked it off at 400 degrees until the IT was 200, served it hot with whipped butter and funky cheese!


I hope this helps!

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Mmm...Humbolt Fog.


It's one of those cheeses that when people taste it their eyes glaze over and with quivering lips they rasp "What the %$# is that cheese! It's amazing!"

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First I saw this one Moose.


Everything looks Great so far!!!


Can't wait for the rest!!!


Awesome illustrations too!!




Thank You!



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So, unfortunately, the camping side of the trip wasn't able to happen, because our usual site was occupied, so instead we just crashed at my buddy's cabin, which was still a great getaway. I just wanted to include this so when you see the pics, and see things like tables and furniture, you won't have to wonder how we crammed all that into my little Yota.


So, the morning began with some Beignets.

In the past, I made these with AP flour, and followed the traditional recipe, but I felt they weren't tender enough, so this batch was made with hald pastry flour, and half AP. I also added a dust of cinnamon on for a little extra flavor:



After a late, lazy breakfast, the brisket came off the heat, got foiled, toweled, and stuffed into the cooler before we all went to the river.

When we all came back, it was a cinch to prep the sides.

Pasta with olive oil and lemon zest. I wanted a light starch that wouldn't overwhelm the meat, but had a unique enough flavor, so here was the result:


Beer corn off the grill:



Broccoli. I ordinarily sautee this up with garlic and jalapeno in olive oil, add a bit of the starchy pasta water to steam it off, and squeeze on some lemon, but I forgot the garlic and jalapeno, so I went for the creamy option with a pad of butter melted in:



and the Brisket at service:


I had a nice shot of when I whacked it in half, but it looked alot better when I had a few beers under my belt. hit.gif


Final shot of the table ready to go:



we ate all the bread up at lunch with cheese, so, no pics, but it was nice.


thanks for watching, guys!




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Thanks Moose !!!

All looks Great !!!


Also some Great BearView from the Moose!!!  biggrin.gif





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it looks great it  was worth the waitmsn-emoticon-applause-004.gif

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oh my that is a solid 10drool.gif

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Looks great Moose. Wish I was sitting down at the table with you!

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Don't forget to invite me on your next camping trip!!

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Thanks guys, all the compliments mean alot to me. I'd also like to thank everyone here on SMF all the info I've learned from this great forum, and Butch, my brisket sensei for all the learning I've received from my first brisket on. This community is a great resource.

Originally Posted by mrted View Post

Don't forget to invite me on your next camping trip!!

Well, if you ever feel like paying a visit to the North Bay... I mean, Titan. yes, Titan. In space...


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