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Pot Pie (Qview)

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Smoked some thighs with RO, pecan and PH rub.

Pulled at 175º IT




Pulled from the bone




Tossed in some veggies



Covered with Fiesta blend cheese





Covered with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and a large can of cream of mushroom.



Then tucked in with puff pastry (store bought)icon_redface.gif this time!




Baked at 325º till golden and bubbly



Came out nice and creamy



Thanks for checkin' out my pie.




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Great looking pie Rap. drool.gif

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Nice job!  241.png

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As usual with your posts, I dig it my friend! Have you tried the roasted garilic Campbell's Cream of Mushroom? I use that for green bean casserole and it is freaking good. Thanks for sharin Mr. Terrible Claw! (Jurassic Park reference)

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Great Build!!!! I may need to borrow this!!!

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That there don't look like no Swansons?  That is some fine looking grub.  Pass me a plate please!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Dad gummit man, here I am in bf Tx. Parked at wally distribution center for the nite with some smoked brats & blackeyedpeas in my oven heating up and u make me look at your pot-pie.(thanks) sure looks good bud!! I have also made them in the small tins with crust under and over.couple weeks ago I ate at a mom- pop (small town) and had there pie. Good but sure didn' look as good as your pic. By the way all is well and I thank u for your concerns. my friend.keep the pics coming.
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And what a nice pie it was to check out
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Great Looking Pot Pie Raptor...

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Raptor, that is one awesome smoke and bake!  I am inspired!  Looks-Great.gif

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Awesome looking pot pie Raptor! That's a favorite around here!

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Thats a great looking pot pie Rap, I could hit up a plate of that.

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that is a nice lookn  3.14



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damn that looks GOOOOOOODD

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Looks great Rap. I am going to make that. I got some leg quarters in the freezer. It's the only way I can get the family to eat dark meat.

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Lookin' real good. I love that last pic, made me very hungry.

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Nice job Raptor... that is going into my mid-week dinner file for sure! I love dishes like that in the middle of the week when I need to make something quick and easy.

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Looking good K-Dog!!!



      Have a great day neighbor!!



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looks awesome rap....................did one of those thighs get the eaten before the pull and didnt make it to the pie.................... I could'nt help myself with those.... love me some thighs........................icon14.gif



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So I decided to copy Raptor today and make my own pot pie.  Here's the Q-view:




Unfortunately, we did not have any thighs, so I went with breasts.  Cubed them up....




Sauteed some onions...




Added the veggies (no mushrooms, though; momma doesn't like em icon13.gif).....




Raptor didn't say, so I just dumped them in frozen figuring they would thaw during the bake (they did)...  Covered with cream of chicken soup....




Made & rolled the pastry & covered...




Baked at 325* for about an hour until the crust started to brown.  My wife forgot to do a quick egg wash before baking, so we didn't get the GB&D look...




The money shot!  This turned out fantastic!  Smoked dark meat would be even better.  I think pearl onions would be a great twist as well.  We will also add milk to thin the soup a bit for more of a "gravy" texture than we got out of this one.  Got to thinking this might be a new favorite in the Dutch Oven around the campfire.


Thanks so much to Raptor for an inspiring post!!!!

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