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Burgers and dogs will never be the same at my house qview

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I was talking to my Father in Law on Fathers day and he was bragging about having a hamburger shaped like a hot dog.  Well that isn't new I though how about a hot dog, wrapped in a hamburger.


This was a simple test run to see how well it would turn out on the grill. 


Things to overcome:

Hotdog doesn't cook well in the time the burger will cook through.

Burger really needs a lot of seasoning to make it desireable.


Things i'm happy with

Burger stayed together with 0 additives. 


This was just a proof of concept because I didn't think it would hold together.  Next ones will have some flavor infusion. rolled out in a sandwich bag and sealed just like a full sized fatty.


oh and i wasn't sure if this fell under sausage, burger or fatty, but i brought it here since the breakfast fatty inspired it.



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Now that looks good.  Sounds like the basis of several experiments ahead.  What if you ditch the dog and stuff with onions and cheese.  Now my mind is goin crazy lol.  I really like the hot dog shaped burger and now thinkn of what you could stuff it with but keep it small.  What fun!

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Looks pretty good for your first try, you might be onto something with this! Maybe next time Boil the hot dogs first to cook them more, or even grill them first before your roll them up? Another option would be to wrap them in sausage instead of hamburger for more flavor!



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I'm with Irie. Try boiling the dog first. Also maybe mix some sauage in with the beef for a great flavor. Great grill marks, looks good on the bun!

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Looks great and Irie nailed it.

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Now if you could figure out how to drill a hole down through the middle of the hot dog and fill it a stick or two of cheese! You would have the Tri-fecta!


Good start on the concept though! points.gif

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If you used chicken it would be a birddog. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

If you used chicken it would be a birddog. biggrin.gif


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Nice great idea as well! Maybe smoking it would have helped out cooking the hotdog?!? Either was it still looked good and thanks for the idea I think I might give that a try in various forms.
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  Great concept to build on. Lot's of possibilities!

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Looks really good, I have seen this b4 on this site, it had cheese and was wrapped in bacon, called it a baconcheesedogburger......yummy. Yes I would smoke instead of grill, it would help to get the dog cooked.

I would not boil the dog first, if you have ever tried to put warm ingrediants into a fatty you would know, the warm dog would almost certainly make the burger fall apart before you even get it to the grill.

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I'd smoke it, then a quick grill/sear at the end. Best of both worlds.

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Now that is way cool!

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You could show him some Turtle Burgers.Turtle_burgers_jpg-thumb.jpg

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jaw-dropping.gif  Roscoe, sorry the toes get me

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Turtle burgers. Now that's original. 241.png

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Replace the hotdog with a stick of butter.

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63, great looking ham-dog! Umm, umm, served up with some ranch style beans, life doesn't get any better.


The hole in the middle for cheese has already been done, I think I saw it here, long time ago, I put cream cheese inside of a Chinese sausage, ...anyway, cook the dog and let it cool, cut a piece of rigid 9mm copper tubing and sharpen the outside edge on the grinder, push it through the dog, the meat stays in the tubing, push it out with a chop stick and cut short pieces for "plugs" to hold the cheese in (plugs have to go in sideways).



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Turtle burgers! Very original!

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Looks Great...

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