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Sunday Prime Rib.....first time, qview.

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so, ive been seeing allllll the prime rib posts and had to give it a try. i was more than pleased with the results. if i could afford it every sunday, id be on it for sure.


i started with a little over 5 lbs of a choice rib roast. we all know how tough "prime" is to actually find. unfortunately i did not get a sale price, i paid $9.99/lb!! mainly cause i have started developing cravings for this beautiful cut of meat.



my rub was simple......evoo, cbb, sea salt, gb, and op.....





rubbed down, in fridge for about 4 hours, now ready to go






got the smoker settled in right around 250, lil under, lil over at some points. i used applewood for this try, it gave a great flavor, not overpowering at all.



about 3 hours in.....sitting at an IT of around 100.....taking it out at 135.









alright....pulled at 135....5 hrs right on the dot!!!!! i like mine to be close to rare, but i dont want a pool of blood. here it is after being pulled, foiled, and rested for about an hour.....the IT was sitting at about 140 and ready for slicing.






sliced and ready to go......man, i am just about speechless....especially this being a first attempt. im glad i let it rest for the time i did....no flood of blood on the cutting board, all stayed where it should.




and the money shot!!!  good ol slice, some broccoli sauteed in garlic butter, and a side of horseradish sauce(the only thing i didnt care for, store was out of regular prepared horseradish)





so good.....will for sure be doing this again.....and again....and again....luckily i have friends that will chip in.



enjoy!!! and give it a whirl....its a quick cook, and cooks to impress. :)



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Looks wonderful. Give me a plate of that!

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Most everybody sez the same thing after smoking their first rib roast.


No turning back now...




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This is a killer prim rib  Wow you made me hungry-face.jpg

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beautiful prime rib! excellent job!

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That's a beauty!

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Very nicethumb1.gif


Resting is the key to great PR (IMHO)


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