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My First Baby Backs: Q View

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So, I ve done a beer can chicken, and it was moist, but the flavor was weak, I also did bacon wrapped chicken bites, and they were a little off.  This was my first shot at ribs, and they were so great! My wife feels they are the best she has ever had! Finally I smoked something well!


Here goes...

2 big baby back racks from Costco, really reasonable!  I used yellow mustard and Jeff's rub, and put the smoker at 230degrees. (Hickory dust in the a-maze-n) Since the BB were a little on the big side, I used the 3-2-1 method.  3 hours of smoke, 2 hours foiled and some homemade beer (no smoke), and and 1 hour no foil no smoke mopping 2x with the Jeff's BBQ sauce. My first time using Jeff's rub/sauce, and I am very impressed.  I like things on the spicy side, and Jeff's fulfilled that need!  Hope you enjoy the pics!

  RIBS 1

Rubbed, and ready to smoke! (Hickory in the AMS)




Foiled, no smoke with some homemade brew!




Mopped and ready for their last hour in the smoker!




Pics are moist!





Finally a smoke I can say I'm proud of!




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Looks great!!



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They look delicious! Great job!  icon14.gif

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Very nice,

 I would be proud of those toodrool.gif


Thanks for the Qview

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