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My First Fatty

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Well everything went well. I can't believe it was all so good. I did things the all of you told me to and man oh man. You are right, when you make a fatty you should make at least 2 0r 3 of them. I started slicing and it lasted about 15 minutes. The the ribs came off and my goodness they was great. I heated up some good BBQ sauce to dip them in if they wanted and they did not last long either. Then the roast came off.Cut it up in slice and it fell apart also. It was tender and juicy. So here are some picture of the finished smoke for taday.SMOKIN 008.jpgSMOKIN 012.jpgSMOKIN 011.jpg

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Looks outstanding Cactuskid!!

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Looks Great...

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Looks delicious! Nice smoke ring.

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Everything looks great. Glad I found it.

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Now You're smokin!! Congrats you've been bit by the FATTY BUG!!!


All Looks Sooo Goood!


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Man I just ate lunch and that still made me hungry!


Great job....

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Nice work bro.

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Nice smoke ring ! icon14.gif

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