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MES 40 Fourth of July

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Ok, so the maiden voyage went well (if a bit long), so I am ready for the 4th of July. My plan is to load that puppy up. I'm thinking a couple of butts on one rack, maybe a brisket on another and ribs on the other two racks... Plus, I get to use my a-maze-n smoker for the first time! It arrived Friday. (Thanks Todd!)


Am I insane? Any comments or helpful hints would be appreciated. And, of course, Q Views will follow!


Thanks fellow Q'ers.

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All I can say is go for it!  Let us know how it goes.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Insane???!!!!! The only insane part is that you're not smoking a fatty or some ABT's to go along with it!!!!!  police2.gif


I do recommend that you place the brisky under the butts and ribs and let the porky goodness baste the beef during the smoke.  Should be fantastic!

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I'd be glad to come and help you get rid of some of it.  Let me know what time dinner is.  sausage.gif



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