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Well Dave, I have to be up in your neck of the woods next Tuesday evening.  Why don't you package up about 5 lbs of that stuff for me to try?grilling_smilie.gif

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Lookin good bud!


It is an addiction we have here.  When we get short on cold smoked cheese or bacon we get real nervous.


I think Todd is to blame for that for many of us.  He gave us the curse and the blessing?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That's what I was hoping was the answer.  Yes, I'll definitely try both ways. Tonights batch will be the cold smoke.  Did you know the ET 73 only goes to 9:59?  Now I gotta get into high math!!!!  Tomorrow I'll start a lot earlier.

Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

I've smoked to an internal temp of 120° or so and also cold smoked.  My personal preference is Cold Smoking.  Bear happens to like adding heat.


Try one batch with heat and the other cold smoke only.


It's gonna get fried anyways, so I'm not worried about getting it to 165°.




That's Country Brown Cure you smell.  Unfortunately I'm taking I-5 south to Vancouver USA area to pick up my Grandson (who's going to help this night vision challenged old fart drive) then east out the Columbia Gorge (I-84 I think).  Keep the faith though, there's always the return trip and I'd like to cross west over Highway 20 on the return trip.  I'm tired of I-90.  Gotta teach the kids how to make some bacon and I'm sure I can bring some back.

Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Hey Dave, There's a westerly a blowin' tonite. I do believe I can smell ""special" apple wood, brown sugar, apple juice and maple cure. Is that comin' from your place ???


On your way out east, to the Colorado country, swing down 97 about 40 miles and that will put you at my front door and I'll help with the taste test.


Mighty fine lookin' so far.

Joe, Joe, Joe........You're doing your own bacon.....suffer as we all have on the great wait.  Cripes I'm in 10 hrs on what looks like another 3 hours of smoke tonight.  Dang AMNPS can smoke TOO long...biggrin.gif.. You gotta get some of Todd's Apple.  That is some sweet smelling smoke.  Better than anything we've got around here, except for branches off my King Apple Tree.


Originally Posted by Striper View Post

Well Dave, I have to be up in your neck of the woods next Tuesday evening.  Why don't you package up about 5 lbs of that stuff for me to try?grilling_smilie.gif

Thanks to everyone on joining me on this venture down the bacon trail.  More to come.




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Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

That puppy is full of pellets.  I'm going to have to set alarms to wake me up.  I'm at 6 1/2 hours cold smoke.  The AMNPS consumption so far is halfway down the 2nd row.  That puts me about halfway into the smoke.  13 hours???!  You guys are killing me.


I think I'm making an incorrect assumption that I'd best get sorted out right now.  Reviewing Todd's Bacon Parts I and II, no heat was applied, just what was generated by the AMNPS and the ambient temp.  I see in other Bacon threads, some guys apply heat.  Is this an optional thing, based on whether you intend to fry after completion or not.




It's a matter of personal preference. I prefer a little bit of heat. Probably more people on this forum prefer cold smoking (below 100˚).

I feel I get more smoke flavor & color in a shorter time with a little heat, but I guess that's me. I think a few agree.


I still fry my Bacon, because I only take it to about 120˚ internal (most of the time). I never tried it, but I guess you could take it to 145˚ & just eat it. Don't seem right to do that to Belly Bacon. Maybe I'll try a little chunk one time.


I will be taking my BBB and my CB to 150˚ in the future, now that 145˚ is supposed to be OK. Then I can eat it cold, or just warm it up a bit.





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Great bacon post Dave!  I have 12 lbs of belly curing right now, and will be smoking it Sunday.  Your post has me extra eager now!  I've done a couple other batches in the past, and they have been great.  Can't see going back to store bought bacon now!  All my bacon has been belly bacon, but I'm thinking I need to try some BBB.


Thanks for another great post!

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th_sSig_wowspring.gifDave this BBB  biggrin.gif looks on the way to be an amazing eat  i will a wait for it keep it coming.   don't worry like bear is saying i got more keyboards to replace the soaked one32.gif

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all I got to say is drool.gif

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Almost done.  Second day of smoke with Maple Cure with Splenda Brown Sugar BBB and CB  and TQ with Splenda Brown Sugar BBB and CB.  The difference in technique is that yesterday was cold smoke for 12 hours, then into the fridge to cool down and meld the flavors, ala Todd Johnson.  Today, Apple cold smoke again, applied for 10 hours, then turned on the heat and took the bacon up to 154* with smoke continuing, total approximately 12 hrs ala Bearcarver.  We will fry-grill-some form of cook- all of the bacon.  We prefer it this way.  The biggest difference is the color.  Talk about a beautiful mahogany coloring.  Well, the QVues will speak for themselves.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we did taking them.  Now just to get them posted in the correct sequence.


First, Country Brown Cure, BBB and one piece of CB (lower right) -  cold smoked for 12 hours.  Counting on lots of bits and pieces for inclusion in Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans.


Country Brown Cure 12 hrs cold smoke Apple BBB CB.JPG


The requisite money shot - aka Bearshot.


Country Brown Cold smoke Money Shot BBB CB.JPG


Tender Quick with Splenda Brown Sugar and Tree Top Apple Juice Concentrate.  Cold smoked for 12 hours.  In the fry test, this was absolutely delicious.


TQ B-S and Apple Juice Apple Cold Smoke 12 hours .JPG


And of course the money shots.


TQ B-S Apple Juice Apple Cold Smoke Money Shot.JPG


Aw, that's not a Bearshot.  THIS is a Bearshot.......


TQ B-S Apple Juice BBB Money Shot Apple smoke 12hrs.JPG


Now to today's efforts.  First, the Maple Cure with Splenda Brown Sugar, Apple cold smoke applied for 10 hours, then heat for 2 hours to 154* with smoke.


Maple Cure Apple and Heat 01.JPG




Maple Cure Apple Heat 02.JPG


Lovely color isn't it?  One of these days I'm going to remember to edit the pics.  Ah well, enjoy


Maple Cure Apple Heat 03.JPG


Maple cure BBB and CB (lower right side)


Maple Cure BBB and CB Apple smoke Heat 154 12 hrs.JPG


A better shot.


Maple Cure BBB Apple 12 hrs 154 heat.JPG


Time for some money shots.  First the Buckboard Bacon.


Maple Cure BBB Money Shot.JPG


And the CB


Maple Cure CB Money Shot.JPG


And now, last but certainly not least, Tender Quick with Splenda Brown Sugar.  10 hr cold smoke then 2 hours to 154* with smoke.  This is my baseline so I know what the least of all tastes like, and then can start experimenting with all the multitude of suggestions, starting with apple juice I think  biggrin.gif


TQ-B-S Apple Smoke 12 hrs 154 degrees Base Line.JPG


Beautiful color.  Now for the money shot.


TQ B-S Baseline Money Shot Apple 154 degrees.JPG


Well, that's a wrap for tonight.  I gotta tell ya, this was sure a heck of a lot easier than I'd imagined.  Yes, I know, everyone has been telling us that it's a piece of cake.  Whaddaya know?  They're right.  Take the leap.  It ain't much of one.  The only area where you really need to concentrate on is the exacting measurement of Cures and Tender Quick and the weight of the meat.  I know one thing for sure, I'm getting a good digital that measures in grams and less than 2 lbs.  The digital I have is fine for meat weights, but when we're talking cures, you got to be dead on correct.  After that, it's the wait for the cure to do it's thing, then the great decision to cold smoke all the way or cold smoke then apply heat.   Hopefully, I'll remember to take pictures tomorrow when we have some homemade bacon.


If I've inspired at least two others to go smoke some bacon, then my work is done here.



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looks good dave!

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Great Job Dave!!!!

Awesome Qviews too!!


But the BearViews are outstanding.

I zoomed in on that one that says, "THIS is a Bearshot" and found myself transported to the wonderful world of Awesome Bacon!!!

I hope I didn't leave any footprints on that beautiful stuff!!!!



Thanks for the views!



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Good job Dave, I'll be by to pick up a 4-5 pound sample from you Tuesday.xrocker.gif  And I finally got off my duff and started 2 small ( 1 pound each) pieces of Belly yesterday, even took a couple of pictures for if it comes out.

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Dave you done  a master job it looks amazing th_sSig_youtheman.gif

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Excellent Dave! The color is beautiful!   thumb1.gif

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Looks like we are going to need a lot of eggs here in a couple of weeks!

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Glad I was eating my own BBB for breakfast when I ran across this post!!! I might have lost touch with reality for a bit otherwise!!!


Great looking BIG jump into the deep end of the pool, Dave!  If you'll pardon the expression, you sure went whole hog right our of the gate!  Great post, and great Q-view.  Glad you joined the Bacon Makin' Bunch!

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first.gif  Looks-Great.gif  points.gif


Its to die for--Great job!



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Decisions Decisions!!!

Which flavor to have today?!?!?!?


Great Job My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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The following is strictly for Todd Johnson.  He's been asking if I've been using a major purchase I made last year (I think it was) from him.  The answer is YES!!!!  Little stuff before, but now, here's baby......I'd show pictures of the sliced meat but that's gotta wait until tomorrow.  We've done some sampling and we all solemnly swear we'll never go back to store bought, except for ABT's, maybe.  Not a hammie piece in the bunch.  All tasted like we'd expect bacon to taste like, except way better.  Now to work on the seasonings.  There's a dozen, dozen combos out there just waiting to be tried.


Here ya go Todd:


Berkel Meat Slicer.JPG


That's not rust, it's a funny light reflection from somewhere.  It's a 10" Berkel meat slicer.  Works great.  Thanks Todd.

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