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Another voyage on the "SS Cooks Some Meat" With Q-view

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Yesterday we had a 95th birthday party for my Grandma, so most of my Aunts, Uncles, siblings and Cousins came to my parents house from all over the place.  I spoke up and said I could cook the meat for the party, and at 30ish people would definatly be the most people I had cooked for.  Decided on doing 10 racks of pork side ribs and bought 50 chicken drumsticks, and whatever didn't fit on the smokers for drums would go on the grill.  Drove all over town looking for the best price on ribs and got the best price at my local grocery store, $2.99/lb.  Worked 13 hours on Friday and got home at 8:30pm and had to prep the ribs, using a rub of brown sugar, paprika, kosher salt, pepper and cayanne pepper.  I was tired and got a little lazy prepping the ribs, didn't remove the membrane if it was giving me a hard time and didn't properly dry off the ribs after rinsing them so instead of a dry rub got a very saucy rub.  Saturday morning I took my smokers to my parents and got everything set up and the charcoal light, using Royal Oak lump in the blue bag and cherry wood chips.  I also put the drums in a brine of water, kosher salt and soya sauce.  Onto the q-view...





4 racks of ribs on the little smoker




6 racks on the big smoker






Just dropped the drums on and getting ready to foil the ribs, you can see on two of the racks where they were sitting at the front by the fire box and got a little crispy, tried a baffle last time out but it choked out my temps and haven't had time to dicker around trying to make one that works




All done







The chicken drums that were done on the grill



Chicken drums done on the smoker



Some of the family doesn't do meat off of bones so some pork tenderloins done on the grill


A batch of Dutchs Wicked Baked Beans, but didn't smoke them because of lack of room and didn't add Japs because Grandma can't do spicy and it was her party



So it was a success, everyone loved the food and got compliments all day and night, cleaning up at 10pm and all that was left of the meat was 6 ribs, and those were mostly from where they got burnt.  



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Looks delicious!!


  Thanks for sharing!



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Looks like an amazing meal. Nothing like a big ol' family BBQ, that's what it's all about.

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