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pork loin ribs

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Ok got the ribs on the smoker and my temp is running around 220 on my oklahoma joe smoker the only temp gage is on the lid

which is probably not correct, I have order a taylor probe but it is not in yet so i am flying by the seat of my pants here i just had to use this smoker this weekend you all know how it is with boys and there new toys so i am doing a 2.5,2.5,1 for these and hope they turn out. I am use royal oak lump chacoal and some apple wood chunk layed along side the coal.IMG_0693.JPG

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Sounds like a great plan


Bring on the Qview biggrin.gif

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Sounds good so far!

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Well folks all went well with my first smoke thanks to all the help from this site and its members.

Only thing that went wrong were the darn pictures. I took three just before i pulled them off the smoker and low and behold

my wifes fancy camera didnt take them. And i did'nt find out till dinner was over and i didnt think a pic of one or two

ribs would do any good. But they turned out great,nice smoke flavor  they were gone in a heart beat by the family and

friends that were here they all loved them. next time i will make sure the picture come out befroe i put the meat on the

dinner table. I just want to say thanks to all you good people for all the advise.




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