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Epic cedar planked steakloaf

Poll Results: Do you like cedar-planked meatloaf?

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Folks, I have become addicted to cedar planked meatloaf... so has my family.  So much so, that I have devised at least a dozen recipes.  I have tweaked it to perfection.


But this time I am taking a different approach and instead of my usual hamburger meat/ground pork meat mixture, I'm grinding a variety of steaks and also grinding pork butt for the meat.  I will use the rest of my recipe as normal (cedar planked meatloaf with mesquite/hickory smoke) which features a really nice bacon wrap topping.


As usual, I will post updates about the outcome and plenty of Q-view... so if you're on the forums tomorrow night, be sure to tune in.


Hope all are doing well!

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You got my attention untitled8.bmp

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We'll be looking forward to the finish. Never tried cedar plank meatloaf.

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Okay folks, so here we are.


I have just put my planked steakloaf on the grill.


Here's what I did:




Grounded 1.8 lbs chuck steak/eye of round steaks

Grounded 1.5 lbs bone in shoulder pork steaks

1 jalapeno

1 whole finely chopped green pepper

1 half finely chopped onion

2 finely chopped carrots

1/2 tspn oregano

1 tbspn olive oil

1/2 tspn basil

1/2 tspn worcestershire sauce



1 cup panko crumbs

2 eggs

1/8 cup milk

1/4 tspn smoked paprika


Ground the meat, added to herb/vegetable, olive oil, worcestshire sauce mix and set to marinate for 2-3 hours. (everything except milk, panko and eggs).


Added eggs, milk, and panko to mixture just before cooking and mix thoroughly.


Season plank and mold meatloaf.  Top with rub and coat with bacon strips.




then place on grill at 350+ or for around 1.5 hours.  will take on lot of smoke.




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popcorn.gif 110.gif  grilling_smilie.gif

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Half way to heaven, folks...




Just to clarify,


I am cooking on a weber offset setup at around 375-400F..  350 is ok too, but keeping steady TBS via mesquite and cherry mixture.  I mis-typed hickory in the OP.


To go with this meal is a mixed grilled vegetable medley (asparagus, onion, mushroom) marinated in a red wine vinegraette and parmesean mashed potatoes.


For the meat sauce, I use 2 parts bbq sauce, 2 parts red wine vinegar  and 2 parts ketchup with salt, pepper and dash of butter.

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all done



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Looks great!!



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 folks, the finished product.


I dont' know how I could have made it any better.


Bon appetit!


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It sure doesn't sound like anything I would have tried?  Having said that, I didn't get a taster.


Good luck and good smoking.

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that looks great!!!!!  i cant wait to try it!!!drool.gif

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Originally Posted by Venture View Post

It sure doesn't sound like anything I would have tried?  Having said that, I didn't get a taster.


Good luck and good smoking.

expand your husker horizons.


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looks tasty

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lot of flavor in this dish of bbq meatloaf, parmesean mashed potatoed and grilled asparagus/mushroom/onion medley.

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Never tried the cedar plank, but it sure looks tasty biggrin.gif (the loaf) that is!


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