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Low Temps in WSM

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So, I want to hold temps around 110*. Solaryellow's post about chipotle seasoning from smoking ripe jalepenos is enticing, but I don't know how to get such a low temp in my WSM.


I used the search tool for the forum, without much result. If I missed the post/sticky, point me to it.


Any helpful hints? I'm used to 200-250 range.

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AMAZN smoker (available here through the SMF).  I also have used a hot plate with a small cast iron pan for chips to generate smoke at low temps.

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Down here in Florida if you just put the WSM in the sun it will get to 110. Then just use a AMNS for smoke.

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Have a small pile of coals burning in a bucket or something like that and add a few at a time to keep the temp down.


I have held 100 on my WSM with the amazen and about 4 coals burning in it.


  Good luck..



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I light about half a chimney of briquets in my weber kettle, then use tongs to transfer 10-15 over to the WSM. I also can put the coals to one side and have room for my AMSN smoker as well. Just keep an eye on it and add more briquets as needed. You may have to light more briquets depending on how long you are going to need to hold that temp.

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Its pretty hot out, I'm gonna try a hot plate with a cast iron pan of chunks on a late sunny morning and see what I get. Thanks, ya'll!

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