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4lb Flat

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Bought an impulse Brisket today at BJ's while we were getting supplies for my baby's first birthday party tomorrow.  My first brisket try was a failure...  Time to redeem myself.  There was a lone 4lb flat sitting in the meat section as I rolled by so I scooped it up.


Here she is rinsed and dried.



Ketchup coated and rubbed...time to chill.



Leftover rub for a sauce: 3 tbs rub, 3 tbs cider vinegar, 3 tbs Heinz, and a tbs local honey.  (not afraid to make my own sauce anymore)


more to come...

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Good start---Keep 'er comin' !!!





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cheers.gif  popcorn.gif  smilies-189.png

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cant wait to see the results

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Sorry guys, busy at daughters dance recital this afternoon...looks like there will be a slight delay in q-view as it will now be a 4 am start

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mmmmmmmmmmmm  very nice start

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and we're cookin...tried kingsford competition briquettes this time...225-230F at 430 this morning so the beef is on...more to come


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It looks a good start. i will wait wait1.png

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A little over 5hrs in and were at 160...worried about my about an hour and a half before I've got to be on the road with it...took it out of the aluminum pan to get the bottom nice and smokey...time will tell  


also decided to smoke the bbq sauce...threw it in a small metal bowl and let her simmer for an hour...nice flavor but it reduced by half...oh well)

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You might be in the stall. If so, I think you may have to delay your departure a little while. Briskets don't care about timelines, they get done when they get done and not much can change that. Whatever you do, DO NOT open your dampers and crank up the heat with the idea of speeding up the cooking process. This will do nothing but get the meat hot and dry it out. Keep us posted..

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That's a good looking flat. I bet it comes out good this time!

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I hope this one works out for ya goodluck.gif

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Hey all...have some good news and some bad news...good news first: the brisket was much better than my first.  I still can do better because I actually had to foil it, transport it, and sit it on the side of a gas grill for another 30 degrees...but hey it was still good Q...bad news: my wife deleted all the money shots because she has to have a memory card full of 2000 pictures and never develops my brisket was deleted for pictures of my one year old eating cake (ill let it slide this time)  Sorry to disappoint...but it wont be my last...thanks for all the posts



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