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My first allnight Brisket it a labor of love!!!

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I just love food and would love advise through the night if anyone can give some advise. thanks

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Good luck!!  My first brisket is on tonight too. I thought I would go take a nap, but I want this thing to be awesome.

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Keep the temp 225-250 and leave it there ever during the stall and keep that lid closed.

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Sit back, have a few brews, catch some naps when you can and most of all be patient.  The overnight smokes feel like ton of work, but can be a blast.

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how's it going?

I'm stalled at 155. only peeked once because I thought my fire was dying. Pit temp steady at 200 after a vent adjust. smoke is thin and blue !!  2 temp probes working, one is in thick end of the flat, just under point, the other a little farther toward the thin end of the flat, both within 5 deg.

My neighborhood smells fantastic.  I can't wait to eat this.

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Sounds like everything is going well so far!

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Sound good so far, here in south Africa is 12:15 day time i will be at my computer on and of so if you get in to problem lat me know (I'm sure you Will do OK )

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I thought Double D would be on more through this, did not mean to hijack the thread. it's 3:45 am here. 7 + hours in, pit steady at 200, figuring around 225 at grill level. Now I'm worried it'll be done to early. Party isn't till 5ish today.  Meat is 160, smoke still thin and blue. Getting tired, and beer-y!

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@philotius If it get's done too early you can warm your oven up to 170 degrees, foil it and leave it in there until you need to eat it. I have to do that from time to time when I'm smoking brisket butts and ribs all on the same day. Usually for me the butts get done first so they sit in the oven at 170 till the rest is done

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How did those briskets turn out?


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I wrecked mine, I had to go out, my fire died while I was away. Came back to a cold brisket.  Was pretty bummed. I did slice into a thinner corner, nice smoke ring, meat was tender. Then I threw it out. I will be trying again

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rule of thumbs. its ok to leave while smoking a brisket but always refuel the fire so itll stay going for the time your gone

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the words of wisdom my wife gave me the first couple times I tried something new with the smoker and failed...  "now you know, don't do that again"    


Good luck on the next one and every smoke is a learning process because every chunk of meat is different from the next.


1 piece of advice - have a camera ready for qview.  Knowing there will be photo proof keeps you on your toes!



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And set your alarm clock for an hour every hour just in case the sandman comes.

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Bummer, I was expecting pics of this beautiful brisket. Oh well there's always next week-end.

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